Fun fact #1

Julia is an award winning Bob’s Burger Trivia player.

Fun Fact #3

Julia plays harp. It is currently located in Michigan with her family, so she is not available for gigs.

Fun fact #5

Julia is a cusp baby. That means she’s two astrological signs, not one. She’s a Taurus/Gemini so that’s three people in this brain and when you get to know her that makes a lot of sense.


Fun Facts #2

Julia cannot drive. Her inspiration is Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote. If a woman in the prime of her life can travel the country and solve murders, all while not driving, why can’t I?

Fun fact #4

Julia can make the best chocolate chip cookies ever. No question. Maybe one day you will be lucky enough to have one.

Fun Fact #6

While being a big nerd in most things, Julia excels in nerding out on Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Batman, adult animation, and most cooking shows. If you guys haven’t watched Chef’s Table yet, you’re seriously missing out.