Erin Mellon as Barbara

The Blood Line

It's 28 Days Later meets No Exit, when a group of subway riders face something far worse than a simple delay on the Blue Line. It all leads to flaring tempers and rising paranoia as their phones reveal a city falling apart above them.

Otho The Great

RECOMMENDED by New City Stage

“The Dark Ages: Otho the Great” is an exquisite adaptation of John Keats’ retitled play. Though never performed in Keats’ lifetime, Julia Farrell Diefenbach’s crafted direction and her cast’s authentic performances do him justice.” - Danielle Levsky, New City Chicago

Nick Bryant, Douglas Bean, and Krista Mitchell

Nick Bryant, Douglas Bean, and Krista Mitchell

Maren Matthais as Peter Pan

Maren Matthais as Peter Pan

Peter Pan

J.M. Barrie’s original script, reworked for fourteen actors. Utilizing non-binary characters, this production focused on retelling this classic piece of literature as it pertains to all genders. Featuring movement work from Hannah Burt, we made our fairies fly in Cirque du Soleil fashion.

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